Kindred Family Farm

Mickey Kindred tends to his sounder.

Mickey Kindred tends to his sounder.

There’s a lot to love about Kindred Family Farm pork, but here are a few highlights:

  • Pastured meats (and especially the fat found therein) are astoundingly healthier than commercial pork because of the heightened levels of Omega-3s (anti-inflammatory) in relation to Omega-6 (inflammatory) levels. This has everything to do with the foods the animals eat, and when they're truly pastured - as Kindred's are - they're taking in lots of Omega-3 rich plant life, which makes the pork healthier overall.

    • Fat isn't necessarily bad; as a reflection of an animal's intake, fat is largely painted as dangerous because the awful food they're given in large-scale farms. In contexts like Kindred Family Farm, all of the good, natural stuff they're eating manifests itself in the fat and makes it that much more wholesome. Garbage in = garbage out, good stuff in = good stuff out.

  • No antibiotics or hormones ever

  • Local (of course! Kindred is located just outside of Kooskia, Idaho.)

  • Outdoor pastured lifestyle, with sustainable, rotational foraging for the pigs!

  • Never fed soy

  • Humanely raised and harvested, with a personal relationship with the animals.

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All in all, Kindred is a human- and animal-health minded operation that we're proud to partner with for locally raised pork!

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