Participating Owners help coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

Participating Owners help coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

The Participating Owner Program provides our owners with a means to deepen their involvement and impact in our community. These volunteers play a pivotal role in our cooperative by sharing their talents and donating their time to activities such as teaching customers about food and nutrition, facilitating playgroups and clubs, contributing to our publications, and more.

Per a Board of Directors’ policy that guides the program, volunteer positions shall not be of an operational nature. We look for useful and creative ways to engage owners in our mission and strategic plan.

As positions become available, we will post them below. The link to apply is below the current openings section; you may also pick up a hard copy application at the Customer Service Desk.

An application also may be submitted to receive first notice of opportunities as they arise, or to suggest a role that is not currently advertised.

Please email Willow Venzke at with any questions!


Nominations & Elections Committee member

The Moscow Food Co-op seeks a Co-op owner to help the Board of Directors by serving on the Nominations & Elections Committee. The Committee meets for up to one hour roughly 5-6 times per year, and is tasked with making sure there is an appropriate slate of candidates for the annual Board of Directors elections. Duties include brainstorming and recruiting Co-op owners who may be interested in running for the Board, updating the Board Election Packet, and organizing the Candidate Forum. Volunteers will be awarded with (3) 18% discount vouchers for each meeting; vouchers for functions and prep outside of meetings will be given as needed.

Biweekly Wednesday Recycler

Help us operate sustainably! We are seeking a volunteer to take on a bi-weekly (2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month) recycling shift. Our volunteer recyclers visit our store departments and collect recyclables to be put in the bins outside the store and then bring the glass to the Moscow Recycling Center. It takes about 1 hour to complete a shift. This is a nice roll-up-your-sleeves effort where the volunteer can see the immediate impact of a completed shift and know they are helping with our Co-op’s mission. Recyclers can work anytime between 3 and 8 p.m., and will receive (3) 18% vouchers for each shift.

To apply, click on the application box below. You also can pick up a hard copy application at our Customer Service Desk. Want to be notified as soon as new opportunities arise? Email to be added to the list. Have suggestions for more tasks Participating Owners can help with? Tell us in your application!

NOTE: you must be an owner of the Co-op
to volunteer as a Participating Owner!