Strategic Plan Update

In mid-2014, the Board adopted a new Strategic Plan to guide the store’s direction for the next five years. The Strategic Plan's priorities and goals help shape what makes our Co-op different from traditional grocery stores. The plan is a roadmap for the Co-op’s future, defining our direction and aspirations and shaping how resources (including money and people) are allocated.

Based on an extensive process to gather feedback* on the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan, the Co-op’s Board has identified the following Strategic Priorities for 2014-2019:

Focus on local food and goods
Be a workplace of choice for all employees

Increase accessibility for all community members
Engage and educate the community
Model environmental sustainability
Grow and expand to further our mission

These priorities are grounded in the Co-op’s mission: “Working together to nourish and nurture our community.”

The Board of Directors, General Manager, and store staff are working together on specific tasks that will help us achieve goals associated with each priority.

* In 2013 the Co-op’s Board of Directors and General Manager hired local consultants Jessica Bearman & Sarah Deming to gather and analyze feedback on the current priorities and on what the new priorities should be. Bearman & Deming worked closely with an ad hoc committee of Co-op member-owners, Board members, and Co-op leadership to gather and analyze information from a wide array of stakeholders. Activities included an extensive survey of member-owners and staff, conversations with Co-op managers and department teams, a data-gathering activity at the 2013 annual meeting, a non-shopper focus group and survey, and a work session with Board members.